Jack of all trades…

Because of day job and family responsibilities my landscape photography opportunities have been very slow. Unfortunately I live in the middle of a big, flat, completely non-photogenic field with very little inspiration within a 100 mile radius. In the meantime, and to keep me from getting too bored (and rusty) I’ve picked up a few portrait sessions and weddings. I enjoy both landscape and portrait photography, but for very different reasons. Portrait photography gives me the opportunity to meet new people and to be more social. Landscape photography is my escape. It’s what I do to get out and enjoy nature and it’s the only time that I feel relaxed and at ease.

I’ve struggled, internally, with the notion that a “professional” would specialize in one genre or the other but not both. But I feel like it is an asset to my business (right now) to be diverse. Since I actively offer both, I’m on the fence about combining them on my existing website or hosting multiple websites. I guess I should poll some folks and make a decision soon.

I’m still learning (and hope I never feel like I’m done learning) both genres. In the meantime, just call me the “jack of all trades, master of none”!

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